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Key logger is the only software to know all the secret and hidden information in real time! Want to know keystroke details, hidden or encrypted information like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk chat, Youtube, Gmail, Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter login passwords, chat room activity, instant messages, web addresses, web searching and other activities performed on your PC?

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Advance Keylogger Software Keylogger Software MAC Log Manager

What is Keylogger Software ?

Keylogger software is PC monitoring tool to secretly record entire keystroke details (including Email passwords, Login details and other typing info) and similarly captures screenshot of application accessed at regular interval of time. Key logger runs hidden on your PC with advance facility to access log details (what is happening on your PC) from any remote location.

Features Keylogger Software Advance Keylogger Software

Recover email account info (Access email account details of popular services including Yahoo, Gmail, windows live mail, AOL etc)



Recover email account passwords (Get complete asterisk character passwords details of popularly used email logins) Yes Yes

View Social networking websites passwords (Record complete login info of Badoo, Bebo, Facebook, Habbo, Orkut, Qzone, Twitter, Windows Live Spaces and more)



View Logon information of popular email clients (Easily records E-mail accounts created profile passwords and other details configured using Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express) Yes Yes

Messenger Chat account passwords finder (Easily get complete password details of MSN, Yahoo, AIM Messenger, Google Talk and more)



Retrieve password typed on your PC (Get complete details of what user is typing on your PC in hidden and secret way) Yes Yes

Advance Keylogger Software
Just $49

Advanced Key logger Software records overall PC activities including input keystrokes, clipboard contents, voice chat conversations, application activities etc and capture Windows screenshots periodically at regular interval of time. Easily records all external user internet activities including typed URL’s, email, passwords in hidden encrypted log file. Automatic Keyboard tracker password-protected utility is invisible and prevents unauthorized users to access or modify software installation settings.

Automated keyboard surveillance tool allows you to send the recorded log file by e-mail to specified user or upload log file via FTP settings. Equipped with advanced features such as viewing the time and date of each session created, supporting multiple user accounts, provide details of login session with total keys pressed in each session allowing you to find out what is being done on your PC in your absence. Invisible Keylogger easily hides software installation from Desktop, Add/Remove program list, Startup menu and even from installation files and folders.

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Keylogger Software
Just $45

Keylogger Software records what external users are doing on your computer system in your absence. Monitoring program makes it possible to record not only keystrokes, even visited websites, typed URL’s, monitors outgoing and incoming e-mails, chat conversation and other activities performed on your PC. Powerful surveillance software runs invisibly (cannot detect software installation by any external user) and overrides all major antivirus software.

Keylogger software easily generate encrypted log file with option to send to user predefined email address. Easy to use Keylogger is invisible monitoring software that offers total control over computer activities performed by users. Keystroke monitoring tool works in a stealth mode, hence it is completely undetectable in task manager, startup menu and from add/remove program list. Keyboard activity software provides advanced functionality and user-friendly interface, which can be used to track down children and employee activities.

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MAC Log Manager
Just $45

Excellent Mac monitoring software is the powerful spyware for Mac that secretly tracks of the activities performed by the users on Mac machines. Specialized Apple Mac OSX keylogger is the specialist forensic tool that proficiently records entire typed keystrokes, clipboard activities and internet activities including visited URLs, chat messaging details, email composed, application accessed and other activities performed by the users on Mac machine. Keylogger for Mac OS X easily save entire user activities in HTML file format so that you can easily find out external users activities performed on Apple Macintosh OS installed Machine.

Best featured Mac OS X keylogger software monitors USB data storage device insertion or deletion activities. Now you easily find out if your business employees are pilfering confidential business data with Mac spyware software. Most efficient OS X keylogger utility is incorporated with expertise screenshots capturing feature that enables to capture screenshots (including Skype video screen shots) at fixed time of interval.

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Why Mac keylogger?

  • Simple to operate, affordable and reliable keylogger Mac OS X utility.
  • No technical knowledge is required to operate the keylogger OS X software.
  • Proficient keylogger Mac OSX utility is password protected that prevents unauthorized users software access.
  • Powerful Keylogger OSX utility is invisible monitoring software for Mac that runs in hidden mode without getting known by the current user.

Download 30 days free trial!

Trial download of Mac freeware keylogger is available free for 30 days which enables users to easily understand software working.

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